The Lakeshore Woman's Club was originally known as the Lakeshore Garden Club and consisted of seven members who met for the first time in the home of a member on March 28, 1946, who was elected the first President of the Lakeshore Garden Club. 


In September 1947, the members changed the name to the Lakeshore Woman's Club and in February 1950 the Club was chartered under the name.  In October 1949, the Club joined the Florida Federation and thus became a member of the General Federation of Woman's Clubs.


From a membership of seven, the Club has grown to an active and civic minded organization involved in community projects and civic affairs. The aim of the Club has been to provide a community house for members of the Lakeshore section and surrounding areas. We feel the realization of our clubhouse has greatly improved the community and affords a good, wholesome meeting place, which will do much to bring about a more harmonious and friendly spirit to all in the community. The clubhouse is available for rent to responsible members of the community and for private use for a fee.


We had our first meeting in our new clubhouse September 3, 1974 and the Official Opening on November 17, 1974.